Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We did it! Before looking ahead, one final look back...

Seven states and 1400 miles later, our summer’s incredible “service triathlon” - cycling, speaking, and building - has come and gone, but its impact will last for years to come. We built friendships both old and new, biked through days of scorching sun and drenching rain, and spoke to audiences from as young as middle school students to as “mature” as nursing home residents.

It couldn’t have happened without all the notes of encouragement, the prayers for the journey, and donations made in our support. We truly were never riding alone. Thanks to your help, together we raised over $85,000 for housing needs from our ride, even in this difficult economic time: Thank you!

Funds from our trip will impact the lives of families in the U.S. and around the world.

Some other numbers that give a snapshot of the trip:
  • 14 riders went the whole way
  • 140 riders rode at least a mile
  • 1400 miles traveled (longer than expected…)
  • 2 flat tires on my bike (less than I expected!)
  • 7 states covered
  • 16.1 mph personal average speed
  • 25 long-distance riders
  • 84.5 hours I spent pedaling on the bike
The home we worked on in Springfield, KY
  • 12 families’ homes our team worked on (the funds we raised go to help even more families around the world)
  • 30+ media stories
  • 35,000+ views of our trip web sites
  • 650 total donors for the trip
  • $85,000+ raised for the whole team

One final exciting update: one of our riders, Erika, has committed to bringing The Fuller Center to her local area in Virginia! Oyee, Erika!

As much as we appreciate applause and support, we didn’t do it so that people would stand back and clap. The event is for getting people involved. Grab a hammer or paint brush – or start training on your bike for next year’s ride – and come join us.

You can build with a group in the U.S., overseas in places like El Salvador, Peru, Nigeria, or Armenia, or continue to offer regular financial support. You might even consider helping to start The Fuller Center in your area. Whatever you choose, let’s get started!

Ryan Iafigliola
Trip Leader

P.S. Stay tuned here and at www.FullerCenterBikeTrip.com for announcements about next year's route. We've got some creative ideas in the works...start getting excited.

The sun must set on this year's trip...but it will soon rise again in '10!