Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Photos!!!! (We're still in Kansas, Toto)

Coat hanger: 1, Tire + Bike + Josh: 0

Ryan trying to be cool in Dodge City

Amber waves of grain

Around mile 75 of 100

Dani and Katherine racing to the finish line

The team gathers to marvel at Josh's busted derailleur

Josh and Chris jammin' out at the Garden Valley Church in Garden City, KS

"Do what you can with what you have where you are."

Stretching? Another early morning. Perhaps not enough beauty sleep.

Remember Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle"?

We managed to escape the bad guys in black cowboy hats.


auntie "m" said...

Love the photos, and the captions make it that much more fun!! Thanks, Katherine! :D

BS said...

Hey Folks, I'm getting Google Alerts from your blog since you've written about 'Garden City, KS'. I hope you enjoyed my hometown! I haven't had a chance to read why your trekking, but what an amazing trip you must be experiencing. Are you able to keep up with the TdF results? Ride lots, be safe.

Brian Sharp

Jenny A said...

Hello from Bruges in Belgium! Just wanted to let you know that people are following your progress from another continent! The temp here is low 60s, which would be nice for cycling, as would the lack of any hills. Maybe next year you should plan an easy trip through the low countries. (The constant drizzle/rain doesnt seem to prevent the many cyclists here from getting out on 2 wheels!)
from Chris' sister

Sandy Heidecker said...

Keep up the great work!!

René said...

Hi Chris,
Our sincerest congratulations to you and the team, biking from the east to the west of the U.S.A., 3300 miles or 4200 km,raising money for a noble purpose, and working, building houses I understand ... We aren't watching here the " tour de France" but we are following the progress of the " tour of the U.S.A." and we enjoy the photos, the diary...Just great!!!!Keep the flags flying: the flag of the Fuller center, the flag Of the Bicycle Adventure and last but not least the flag of the teambuilding spirit and the Friendship..

Love from your Flemish friends of Brugge in Flanders Fields: Jenny and René and kids and...your sister Jenny and Alex, visiting Bruges