Thursday, July 24, 2008

Shout out to Zach, Kelsey and Nicole

Addendum to July 20 post:

O we came to bike for just one week from C-A to A-Z,
We are gone but not forgotten, he is Zach and I’m Kelsey.

Well she biked to Albuquerque with the other Notr’Dame guys, but I don’t think I’ll reveal her name; I’ll keep it a Surprise.

San Diego, O don’t you cry for me, ‘cuz I’m headed to Savannah, just my bicycle and me.

We miss you Zach, Kelsey and Nicole. You are in our thoughts.

Tony et al. (that’s lawyer talk – ask Kelsey)

1 comment:

Surprise rider said...

Thanks Tony! You all are in my thoughts as well. I can't believe it's almost Aug. 2 and you are almost done. whoohoo! :)