Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August 5th - My 2 Cents

I would just like to say what an honor it is to be a support to these wonderful Fuller Center bikers. They are dedicated to humanity and they love to bike. Today they biked 110 miles, give-or-take and came in with smiles on their faces.

Yesterday when we were asked to help renovate a house for these 3 ladies who were definitely living in sub-standard housing, the bikers painted and worked on this house in 90 degree, wet heat for 7 hours and a smile on their faces then too.

If these are the folks that we have entrusted with our society for the next generation, I am proud to know them and trust them with our future.

Thanks bikers for letting me be part of the solution along with you.

Mary (Tony's wife)


auntie "m" said...

Mary~I am sure that the bikers are happy to have you along for your enthusiastic support, and a cool, comfy place to rejeuvenate. :-) How nice to hear how much you think of this special group of bikers and their strength of character.

Auntie "M"

Ruth said...

Mary- I also thank you for your insight. It does give me hope for our future having followed this group online for the past 2 months. Their enthusiasm and generosity coupled with the warm reception they received all along the way is a testament to the presnce of God in this country that can't be denied!
Ruth (Nate's Mom)