Friday, August 14, 2009

8th Build Day in Tallahassee, FL!

Nick and Emily working hard on Miss Alice's home.

This morning brought us another early start with a hearty breakfast donated by the local Fuller Center affiliate. Thank you for such a kind wake up. We went straight to the work site and were greeted by a few great supervisors, Steve, John, Jim, Mike, and Tom. They took great care of us all day, and provided us an extremely organized work site. We were met by the homeowner (Miss Alice as we came to know her by), who was a sweet woman in need of desperate home repair.

Mike did an awesome job painting!

 Miss Alice lived in her home for many years, but had a turn of bad luck this past year when a tree fell through her roof. She then suffered a stroke and her home remained in its dire condition. The Fuller Center was contacted and quickly arrived with help. Our job for the day was painting the home as well as combating gigantic spiders. Fortunately we are all still intact and ready for our last ride tomorrow. Lunch was delivered to the site and was greatly appreciated (thanks so much!). The day ended with a few pictures and all smiles. Miss Alice seemed very pleased with her home makeover and was generous with hugs and kisses for all involved. 

David Snell, President of Fuller Center, had dinner with us and will be joining us for the ride tomorrow!

We were all ecstatic over a few hours of rest and relaxation after the morning’s work. Well rested, we piled into the van once again and headed to dinner provided by the Episcopal Church. Thank you for a great meal, and thanks to the Faith Presbyterian Church for having us. Upon our arrival back at the church, new riders joined us in preparation for our last ride. After some late night shenanigans, we headed to sleep. Thanks for reading! 

Fuller Center Tallahassee deserves a loud "Oye!" :)
written by: Lisa Corsi

photos by: Esther Hyejin Chung


Katherine Stump said...

Cue Rocky theme music!

Chris Cosby said...

Yeah, what Kat said! As I write this, ya'll are probably rolling onto the beach and dipping your front tires into the Gulf! What an accomplishment. The countless lives touched, many of those moved into action by your deeds.

Congratulations to you all!

Doug said...

Well done good and failfhtul servants!!! Keep spreading the word as you return to your home cities. A great big Oyee to the bikers, Doug