Saturday, August 22, 2009

The biking might be over (for now) but the building is not!

Today we did not say “good bye”. We said I can’t wait to see you next time and good luck in the adventures of life until we meet again. 

As I look back and recap, its hard to believe that 5 weeks have escaped us already. Everyday was a blessing in itself. I’m not quite sure how to recap it all other than saying: God called, we answered God, we were blessed along the way, and we all know it was right.

The memories and bonds we created are endless. I know I personally will never forget the homeowners we helped, the family we created as a team, the everlasting friendships, and entering every state by bicycle. I know we all thought that biking the distance would be our greatest accomplishment on this trip. But, I think for all of us, it was so much more than biking. It was a step closer to ending poverty housing. Sharing about the ministry and helping first hand.

I don’t think we kept as good of stats as last years riders in who had the most flats, first, last, the amount of water or Gatorade consumed.

Melissa has the best tan lines and the first to receive two flats in one day.

Michael enjoyed getting someone lost daily (Just kidding Papa Bear, thank you for being a great route leader).

Esther was the funniest by far and the only one to get bitten by a 4 legged friend.

Erika and Eric enjoyed spending money on new tubes and are the flat leaders of the trip.

Nick had the police looking for him after he missed all the rests stops for a day, and played every piano he seen.

Dave Steer is always found riding with someone, and sharing about the FC.

Krystal is the caregiver of Millie/Sharky the shark and was our team doctor. ( I visited her for my foot hurting one day and ended up with a ice pack on my neck).

Kristina always made sure we had Sweet Sweet Tea and was the most likely to be found napping.

David Snell pedaled hard the last day and was our most honorable rider.

Emily was the only one on the trip who never got a flat tire.

I, Megan, was the only one who got a broken spoke. 3 one time and 7 two days later. I just gave up and bought a new wheel.

Thad enjoyed playing the guitar and signing worship songs for everyone. He was also our team eye doctor.

Lisa was pretty famous everywhere that had Fuller Centers because of her experience with Fuller Center El Salvador and her bike Aretha enjoyed singing to us daily.

Kyle carried his video recorder regiously for the first two weeks and never complained when he got lost.

Ryan and Esther are most likely to get lost and also most likely to get on the interstate. And Ryan earned the nickname of wrong way Ryan.

Susan was the fastest lady by far and we missed her the last 2 weeks.

Becky was the kindest person and we are Thankful she joined for 2 weeks, we missed the first 3.

Hannah Joy enjoyed taking naps after the ride and enjoyed taking pictures almost as much as Esther.

Tony was the man we wished we never had to say good bye too.

Ivan always wanted to be busy. He never took naps.

Chris was great to have for a few days. It was wonderful to hear about last year, and that he still spreads the word of good faith and works with the Fuller Center.

Tamara’s passion shared to everyone. She was the "most grateful to be here" award.

Until we meet again we will not forget each other, the bonds we created are everlasting. I know we answered god’s calling by participating in as Ryan calls it the new Triathlon: Biking, Building, and Speaking. This is just the start of our next adventure.

See everyone soon.


written by: Megan East
photos by: Esther Hyejin Chung

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