Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We have arrived in Warwick, GA!

Greetings fellow bi-peds!

GA Senator, County Commissioners, the Mayor, Linda Fuller and the riders!

Sharkie here with an update from the road.  For the past few days, The Fuller Center for Housing Cyclists (and me) have been camping out in Americus, GA.  The Fuller Center home base has kept us quite busy...as I’m sure you’ve read.  It seems at every turn there was a new group of faces cheering us on!  This morning started with an exceptionally moving devotional, lead by Fuller Center for Housing Co-founder Linda Fuller.  She correlated personal experiences with Clarence Jordan teachings to provide our inspirational message for the day.  Following the devotional, we were visited by the mayor of Americus, two county commissioners, and a Georgia State Senator.  Mrs. Fuller even asked about my whereabouts, knowing that I’ve been losing a lot of air since a hard ride into Atlanta.  My view from inside the cycling bag is not quite as picturesque, but at least I remain a part of the action!  Between a doctor, an engineer, a navy officer, and a few mathematicians...I hope to be successfully patched up soon!

Linda Fuller led the devotion 

After an amazing send off (from what felt like home) the group rode off to Lake Blackshear.  Linda Fuller provided us a little leading escort out of town.  The road was pretty flat and smooth, we maintained a good pace riding into the Memorial Park on the lake.  Several riders were willing to take a dip in the lake, but were a little discouraged by the “Unauthorized swimming, alligators present” signs.  Instead, we were escorted to the “blue hole” by Mr. Frank Lott to take a dip.  Nick, Eric, and Thad climbed a super tall tree to then jump into a particularly deep area of the lake.  We were assured by locals that alligators were “not usually around”.  I would have protected the group as best as I could if any other toothed creature decided to cause trouble.  What’s a few more holes anyhow?  Christina, Krystal, Becky, Michael, Lisa, Kyle, Erica, Ryan, Dave, Emily...and even Esther jumped from the platform or the rope swing into the refreshing nook of the lake.  Everyone dried off with a scenic ride to Warwick United Methodist Church, which Tamara and others noticed was a little longer than 10 miles away.  Members of the church provided us a warm welcome, offering us a nice place to stay and lunch.  Still sweaty from the ride, yet full from the lunch, we were met by a reporter from the local paper near Warwick.  I think she wasn’t too interested in photographing a shark covered in patches and duct tape...but everyone else represented the Fuller Center well!

The Fuller Center office was filled with kind hearted politicians who wished us the best :)

Our adventure continued as the group spent some time playing in the pool of another Warwick United Methodist Church member.  The boys were getting wild, throwing each other off of the dock into the lake.  Emily took the kayak out for a spin, towing Erica, Megs, and Esther.  Krystal pretended to be me in an attempt to rock the boat a little, literally.  We then took a leisure boat ride to the home of Lisa, Greg, and Lindsey for showers and dinner.  A few riders got a massage from a professional neuromuscular therapist, Lindsey.  The evening was filled with such treats, and no alligator spotting!  I suppose my duct tape scars are intimidating after all.

Ryan was a bit tired during the boat ride

Megs watching the dam from the boat

written by: Krystal Goodwin

photos by: Esther Hyejin Chung


Katherine Stump said...

Good to see Ryan getting a little R&R. That guys works really hard. It's not just an act!

Oyee, fearless leader!

Tony Campbell said...

Good job, Sharkie! Say hi to Krystal for me.

There are many traditions on this ride - one favorite is taking pictures of Ryan napping. But y'all will probably never read this, 'cuz I think in know who the moderator/censor is...

Sandy Heidecker said...

Yea for Sharkie! Sounds like Sharkie's had a rough ride as well!

Ryan said...

Thanks, Kat! And Tony, haha I guess your comment made it through the large committee assigned to moderating.