Thursday, June 26, 2008

Quemado to Grants (I have no idea what day # this is!)

Today's route unrolled the best scenery of the Southwest. Our 86 mile ride took us through Malpais (bad country) National monument where breathtaking views of lava rock and wide open space awaited around every turn. With each of us still feeling a little sore, we rode together as a group at a moderate pace soaking in the vistas. Some highlights for the day included a fly-over by two F-16s and numerous beautiful photo opportunities at the magnificent "The Narrows" cliffs. Enjoying our riding time together as a group, this is by far the best day of riding. Since the experience is all somewhat a blur in my mind, I will try and post some additional photos to do the talking for me. Enjoy!


The Narrows

Nicole and Dani

La Ventana National Monument

Dani and Katherine celebrating today's ride!

Cattle and a bluff

A gorgeous sunset in Quemado!

Big sky country

Riding as a group

Would Ansel Adams be jealous?

Ryan and Katherine planning a detour over the mountain.


auntie "m" said...

Thanks for the info. It is so much fun for those of us rooting for you "back home" to hear of your experiences; biking, scenery, weather conditions, and good food and hospitality.

Hang in there all of you!!

Auntie "M"

Teri said...

Love seeing you able to smile big (Dani) and lift your bikes over your heads (Dani & Katherine). Looking very good from this distance -- keep focused on the goal.

from Brawley Teri Sanders

Cnynrat said...

Great to see the latest pics. Looks like you've been through some great scenery over the last few days.

As Dani already experienced, watch out for those tumbleweeds! They are full of sharp pointy things and produce many flats!

Uncle "D"

Sandy Heidecker said...

It is all beautiful, especially in person!! The sunset at Quemado is a beautiful capturing of God's creations!

It definitely sounds like you guys are soaking in alot of.... (fill in your own words)... & God's beauty.