Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fuller Center Bike Adventure SAG wagon, leader and riders headed to Michigan!

Fuller Center staff and friends in Americus, Ga., give a big "Oyee!" to send Ryan off to Michigan.

Ryan and Fuller Center President David Snell sporting the new bike trip T-shirts.

Ryan and the bike trip van and trailer.


Doug Stephens said...

We wish you a great trip as you get ready to head out. May the sun and wind be at your backs and ride safely. God bless. Doug

Doug Stephens said...

Hey Ryan - nice t-shirt to match the color of the jerseys. I see you have your usual bike ride buzz cut also. Safe travels and keep blogging. The van and trailer look great! Doug

Sandy Heidecker said...

I look forward to the drive over to help send you guys off from St. Joseph's!

Chris Cosby said...

That's a nice van, and the trailer looks snappy, too. Can't wait for the update from today's opening "stage"!

Go Team Fuller Center!

Anonymous said...

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