Monday, August 3, 2009

Build Day 5 in McDonough,GA

"Oyee!" for the Fuller Center conference call

Lillie Miller (right) and her niece

Today was my 4th day with team FCBA and after a few days of what I thought to be very rigorous riding, I was looking forward to a build day. The rest of the group had been riding for 9 days straight until today and I think everyone was thankful for a day off from pedaling.

Extreme Renovation 

We began the day with a wonderful breakfast prepared by Wesley Way United Methodist Church in McDonough, GA. After breakfast was eaten and lunches were packed, we were off to the home of Lillie Miller. Mrs. Miller had been in her house for a number of years while the condition slowly deteriorated as termites set in. The Fuller Center of Atlanta began the project of renovating Mrs. Miller’s house about two months ago and we were blessed today to be part of this work of restoration. Our whole group was able to work on Mrs. Miller’s house together - there was a list of many different jobs to be done. While we were hard at work painting, roofing, dry walling, etc., a few visitors showed up throughout the day including 2 reports from local newspapers, and the Mayor of McDonough!

The Mayor of McDonough stopped by to thank us!

When it began to rain, we packed up and made our way back to the church and were greeted by baskets of clean clothes when we arrived! Thank you Wesley Way United Methodist Church for taking such great care of us. Also, thanks to Jackie Goodman, board member of the Fuller Center in Atlanta, for taking us to Stone Mountain tonight to watch the laser light show. We’ve been blessed with such great hospitality over the past two days.

Best Cook!

One thing from the day that I won’t forget is when Mrs. Lillie Miller said to me “I’m just happy there are still this many good people in the world”. Her comment made me think about our cause – we are called to be a light in dark places, to bring hope, to exemplify the love of Christ and show people that even in our corrupt world, God’s love still prevails and His light conquers the darkness.

Fireworks at Stone Mountain

Riders at Stone Mountain

written by: Becky Acton

photos by: Esther Hyejin Chung

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Chris Cosby said...

It looks like you're fitting in just great on Team Fuller Center! Your comment about being a light in dark places reminds me of what Darren Kelley said today at lunch, that working on a Fuller Center project is like ministering to others through our actions. Like Millard was so fond of saying, "Faith without action is as dead as a doornail!" Just one of many truisms that he was known for.